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Throughout the countless refrigerator repairs we have handled for our Santa Ana CA based clients, we have noticed some parts are commonly replaced. This includes, but is not limited to, the following types of refrigerator parts:

- Bearings

- Capacitors

- Circuit Boards

- Defrost heaters

- Dispensers

- Drawers and shelves

- Evaporators

- Gaskets and seals

- Ice makers

- Motors

- Power cords

- Switches

- Thermostats

- Thermistors

- Timers

- Water filters

"Should you repair or replace your defective refrigerator?"

With a life expectancy of 10 to 18 years, you can make an argument for repairing your fridge for a long while. If it is a newer model, you do not need to worry much in the first 10 years.

You can start second-guessing the value of repairing your refrigerator once it hits a decade. If problems come up before then, they are likely cheap fixes. Once a decade passes, there will be much more efficient refrigerators to choose from; if you need a repair at 10+ years, that is when you most do some cost calculations.

You can expect, if you take good care of it, that your fridge will push to last at least 15 years. Still, once you face any three-figure repair cost it becomes hard to justify. If you can afford purchasing new when facing even a $200 repair on a 15 year old unit -- definitely do it!

"How expensive are refrigerator repairs?"

When you come to us for a refrigerator repair, you must pay for only the parts and labor so you tend to not pay too much. Most repairs take two or three hours of labor; altogether, the average refrigerator repair cost bounces between $200 and $400.

It all depends on what you need done:

Fixing a compressor?

If you notice a buzz or hum coming from your refrigerator, or if it fails to regulate temperatures properly, chances are there are issues with the compressor.

This could be a problem with the compressor fan, the start relay, or the compressor itself.

A compressor repair could easily run $20 to $200; one of those "$20 jobs" would be cleaning a dirty relay -- so feel free to check if that helps before calling us up!

Dealing with a broken ice maker?

Thankfully fridges are not like vehicles -- they do not need to pass inspections!

You might as well leave your ice maker broken, because it costs a good $330 or more to get it fixed. If you are lucky, a less costly fix will work out but you will still be in for over $200 on the repair.

Trying to resolve noise issues?

Aside from the compressor, other parts can cause weird noises as well. If it is a rattling noise, it could be the drip pan rattling after water splashes into it. Remove the kick-plate behind your fridge and see if the drip pan is overloaded or if the supports are damaged.

Another possible noise-causer would be the defroster. It is supposed to make a clicking or snapping sound, but its′ motor can begin operating loudly over time. If it ever needs replaced, it is easily a $100 to $200 job.


Helpful tip

Schedule a quarter-annual and semi-annual fridge maintenance date now. Once three months is up, you will look over the door seal for any signs of breakage, clean off the condenser coils with a vacuum or a specialty cleaning brush, and make sure the fridge is sitting flush on the floor. Then, every six months you will want to swap out the water filter, clear out the drain hole, and clean the drip pan. Also, when replacing the water filter make sure to spend a few minutes flushing out the new water as it will have too high of a concentration of minerals.

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