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Whether you are dealing with a basic chest freezer at home, or if it is a complex issue with an expensive commercial model, our Santa Ana freezer repair experts can resolve your issue.

Need an emergency commercial freezer repair? Let us know immediately ... we understand how important it is to fix right away -- after all, you could lose thousands of dollars in frozen goods if your freezer does not get fixed fast enough!

In previous years, we have repaired and serviced countless freezers for our Santa Ana CA based clients. We have noticed some of the more commonly replaced freezer parts include:

- Blower wheels and fan blades

- Capacitors and run capacitors

- Carburetors

- Caps, lids and covers

- Circuit boards and timers

- Compressors and starters

- Condenser fan motors

- Defrost thermostats and timers

- Door gaskets and seals

- Door handles, hinges, latches and locks

- Door trays, drawers and shelves

- Drip bowls and pans

- Evaporator fan motors

- Fuses and thermal fuses

- Main control boards

"Should you repair or replace your defective freezer?"

A residential freezer typically lasts for 12 to 20 years, while a commercial freezer is more likely to continue working for 15 to 30 years.

If you are dealing with a home freezer repair, any decision should be made based on what needs fixed and how much it should cost to fix it.

While most repairs are cheap, the fact that the majority of new freezers are reasonably priced makes for more flexibility. If your repair is going to cost a fair penny -- simply buy a new, more energy efficient model and cut your losses.

With a commercial freezer repair, it would make sense to pay for repairs and regular servicing for at least the first 15 to 20 years. While the replacement parts can be costly, in the majority of cases it dwells in comparison to the cost of replacing the whole freezer. Meanwhile, a home freezer is not too pricey to replace so you have more flexibility there.

"How expensive are freezer repairs?"

A home freezer repair typically costs between $100 and $200, but it could vary outside of this range in accordance to the freezer parts you need for the job.

A commercial freezer repair can vary drastically, as the cost of the same part for two different models could range by thousands of dollars. After all, a walk-in freezer can cost $30,000 or more in new condition.

You must assess the situation at hand to decide whether paying to repair or replace your commercial freezer makes sense. However, unless it is an outdated model, chances are it would be worth paying to fix the freezer instead.

Just a simple freezer repair job?

Our Santa Ana freezer repair specialists resort to the Major Appliance National Service Price Guide to properly invoice their clients. This is a guide that suggests how long a particular repair should take and what it should cost.

By doing this in combination with the fact we only bill you for replacement parts and service labor, you can bet your freezer repair will be affordable through us!

"What′s wrong with your freezer?"

Here are some of the common problems we deal with:

- Constant noises. Is your freezer working while giving out weird noises? If so, the condenser motor or the evaporator fan motor could need replaced. Each of these repairs runs a little more than the average freezer repair cost. Some cheap causes would be issues with the leveling of your freezer and the defrost pan shaking around. Worst case scenario, the compressor failed out and your repair cost would run close to the same as your replacement cost.

- Frost accumulation. If a frost build-up occurs around the door of your freezer, it is likely not a big issue. Problems start once the frost accumulates around the coils. This could occur as a result of a defective door gasket, heating element, or timer. Generally, fixing a frost accumulation issue will run around the average repair cost.

- Light on, but no power. If the indicator light is on and the freezer is not working at all, the most obvious and affordable problem would be a start relay defect. The problem could also be the result of a defect to the defrost timer or the temperature control. These are all relatively affordable fixes, but if none are to blame it could be a compressor failure which is very expensive to fix.

- No light or power. If the indicator light is not on and the freezer is not getting any power, the problem could be that electricity is not flowing to the outlet. This is an issue that gets left in the hands of a professional electrician, but it typically does not cost much to resolve.

- Running too cold. If your freezer is operating colder than it should be, chances are it will be an easy problem to fix. This often happens when the temperature control becomes defective, the capillary tubes no longer reach the shelves, or the temperature control is simply not adjusted properly.


Helpful tip

Is there an accumulation of frost on the ceiling of your walk-in freezer? If so, the fan delay relay might be defective and could need replaced. This relay is responsible for keeping the coil fans from kicking back on once the defrost cycle is done, as it waits for the coils to freeze over again. If the frost is closer to the door, it′s probably a cracked door seal. Usually you can test this by going inside the freezer in the dark and looking to see if any light shines through the seal.

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