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- Ceramic, convection, gas and in-wall ovens.

- All types of residential AND commercial models.

- Industrial quality restaurant convection ovens and more!

Whether you have a traditional home oven, or a heavy duty commercial model, our Santa Ana oven repair experts will know exactly how to get it repaired.

No matter how difficult it might seem -- your solution is just one call away!

When dealing with oven part replacement, some of the parts we regularly deal with include:

- Baking and broiling elements

- Blower wheel and fan blades

- Circuit boards

- Fuses

- Glass doors

- Grates and griddles

- Igniters

- Motors

- Power cords

- Pumps

- Sensors

- Switches

- Thermostats

- Thermistors

- Timers

- Valves

"Should you repair or replace your defective oven?"

An electric oven is expected to last for between 13 and 20 years, while a gas oven is expected to last roughly 15 to 23 years.

It is a good idea to consider how much longer the appliance will live if you get it repaired. If you are dealing with a gas oven that needs a $300 fix and it is only six years old -- chances are the hefty repair bill would be worthwhile. On the flip side, if your oven is already dated it might be time to take advantage of a new oven.

"How expensive are oven repairs?"

When getting an oven repair from one of our Santa Ana appliance repair experts, you are only liable for the cost of the replacement parts and service labor.

It costs between $50 and $100 on average for an oven repair service.

However, you will find a much higher average at quite a few local businesses. This is because many service companies will enforce a ′mandatory minimum′ to your order. Instead of benefiting from a cheaper repair, it would just come back to bite you.

Since we only charge you for parts and labor you do not have to worry!

"What′s wrong with your oven?"

Here are some of the common problems we deal with:

- Burner issues. A broken burner will need replaced. If it is just overheating, the switch for it might need swapped out. If it is an ignition burner giving you the trouble, you will likely have to swap out the spark electrode and a couple other parts.

- Oven problems. If either the bake or broil mode fails to produce adequate heat, it is likely due to a defective baking or broiling element. If it is a gas oven, you might want a professional to come inspect the gas transmission for signs of trouble.

- Door troubles. While it might come as a surprise, stuck-shut oven doors are tremendously common. It usually happens as a result of the self-cleaning latch getting out-of-place. Either way, we strongly suggest you use the self-cleaning mode as sparingly as possible as the overheating factor has been known to cause damage to other parts too.

- Getting an error code? If so, check your owner′s manual to see what it means or look up the definition online -- in accordance to your particular make and model of oven. If you are calling us for an appointment, make sure to supply the error code(s) you are receiving.

Thankfully, most oven repair jobs require inexpensive replacement parts and just an hour or two of physical labor.

In fact, things only tend to get expensive when dealing with serious gas issues or computer board problems. If you are looking to get an in-wall oven taken out and fixed, it will cost a little more than normal due to the extra steps and time required for the job.


Helpful tip

Many oven cleaners are potentially dangerous to your health, and those with corrosive alkalis are considered to be poisonous. For example, ′Easy Off′ oven cleaner has been reported numerous times for causing minor chemical poisoning symptoms in humans. Some of these symptoms include breathing complications from fumes or swelling of the throat, major pain to all parts of the face, temporary or permanent vision loss, and more. For this reason, many advocate that you make your own oven cleaner or that you make use of your oven′s self-cleaning feature instead.

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